As a family-owned business, all of our spirits begin in our handmade 600-liter copper still which can be found at the 13th century Ellinge Castle in Southern Sweden. Here, our Master Distiller uses only select, organic ingredients to slowly distill each batch until the heart of the spirit has the required character and complexity. This handcrafted, time-consuming approach is necessary to create spirits that are refined enough to be considered ‘best in class’. Each bottle produced is then numbered, recognizing its small-batch heritage, reflecting the award-winning spirit inside. Purity Vodka has received over 229 gold medals in international blind tasting competitions and has been rated a 100 points. Welcome to the world's most exceptional, and well-tasting vodka. REVIEWS 100 Points – The Spirits Business “The Perfect 100 Point Vodka” 97 Points – The Ultimate Spirits Challenge TASTING NOTES Malt, white chocolate, and lime with a complex, mineral-rich finish Mouth Feel: Full-bodied, smooth, complex and full of character. Best enjoyed neat, as a martini or on the rocks.